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Your App for Sharing Safe

Organize and safely share your important documents, photos, and videos with multiple people from your mobile phone.

No more mess! Create different vaults for your different needs locked with the highest security. 

Why choose Sharing Safe? 

  1. You feel uncomfortable when you share important documents or information via email.
  2. Your current mess of different documents in a single folder without any order makes you crazy.
  3. You want to organize and safely share your documents with multiple people.
  4. You want to share personal and business documents from a centralized place and you want access to it from anywhere. 
  5. You want to control when people can see the shared information. 


Your sensitive information stored and shared safely!

Mutiple secure vaults

Organize your documents in secure vaults. Each vault has pre-defined categories to make your life easier! 

Share them all

Share your vaults with multiple people. Share personal and business information from one single app.  

The Mix

You can upload multiple files, feel secure with our password keeper, and even keep them secret until a ‘dead man switch’ is triggered

Highest security

Choose from fingerprint recognition or face recognition for login. Just in case you have a twin you can use both! 

Alert rules

Control when people can access their assigned vaults.

Inheritance vault

You can use the Sharing Safe app for sharing vital information with your family. 


Do you want to securely store and share important documents?

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